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Multifaceted Creative, LLC was birthed from a simple realization. Why be held back and categorized in one area of creative exploration when I love so many? The creative services that are offered are broken down in to five categories: Photography, Quilting, Graphic Design, Custom Services, and various hand crafted Merchandise. Please visit each page and immerse yourself in one of my many passions! 



Who am I and Why Multifaceted Creative!? 

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Hey there! 

My name is Symone Baldwin and I am the owner of Multifaceted Creative, LLC. 


By day, I am a Human Resources professional; By-night/weekends I am a Multifaceted Creative! I have always enjoyed all things people and arts. Being an HR professional brings some hard days and hard conversations. The ying to my HR yang is having a space to explore, design, express, imagine... create! 

I have 10+ years of Photography experience for a wide range of events and occasions, 3+ years of Quilting experience, 2+ years of Graphic Design experience, and 26 years of experience in hand crafted gifts if you count noodle art and illegible scribbles! 

Multifaceted Creative brings all of these passions to balance. I would absolutely love to bring you with me on my creative journeys!


Yours Truly-


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